Appeal to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand

Statement (5/ 2024)

21 April 2024

1. During the intense armed clashes between resistance forces and the junta forces at Myawaddy and its surrounding area, the junta forces have been committing various forms of targeted attacks, including artillery attacks and airstrikes, on the public buildings and properties of civilians. As a consequence of these indiscriminatory targeted attacks, thousands of civilians have been fleeing to Mae Sot, Tak Province and its surrounding area.

2. We, the National Unity Government of Myanmar, would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, the Royal Thai Army, border guard officers, and authorities of the Tak Province for providing every necessary assistance, shelter, and other support to the people fleeing from the Myanmar border. This action portrays the Royal Thai Government as being a good neighbor for the people of Myanmar and the people of Myanmar will always remember this support and assistance.

3. As the junta has been escalating the indiscriminatory targeted attacks on civilians, we expect that the number of people fleeing from those areas might rise in the coming days.

4. Therefore, we would like to request any respective organizations and authorities to provide assistance and support the people who urgently need humanitarian assistance and shelter. We, the National Unity Government of Myanmar, together with our ethnic alliances and other affiliated groups would like to express that we are ready to cooperate with the Government of Thailand and other related organizations in every aspect to provide assistance for the people of Myanmar.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

National Unity Government

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