Dr. Sasa\’s Message on the 76th Anniversary of the Chin National Day


February 20, 2024

Today, we gather once more to commemorate the 76th Anniversary of the Chin National Day—a solemn milestone marking 76 years of unwavering dedication to peace, federal democracy, and the principles of self-determination and equality.

Throughout these decades, our people have made countless sacrifices in pursuit of these noble causes. We have endured unimaginable pain, suffering, and destruction at the hands of oppressive military dictatorships. Yet, in the face of such adversity, our resolve remains unshaken.

The wisdom of our revered Chin National Hero, Salai Tin Maung Oo, continues to resonate deeply within our hearts. He reminded us that while the military may have the power to harm our bodies, they can never extinguish our unwavering belief in freedom and self-determination, principles cherished by our founding ancestors. This message echoes throughout the Chin community worldwide, inspiring us to stand resolute in our convictions.

As we look towards the future, let us envision a Chin State within Myanmar that embraces inclusive federal democracy—a future where freedom, peace, and self-determination thrive. While our history is marked by significant agreements such as the Panglong Agreement, which promised a brighter future for our nation, the failure to honor these agreements has left us grappling with poverty and despair.

Chin State, often labeled as one of the poorest states in Myanmar, bears the brunt of this injustice. Despite the systematic erosion of our freedoms and self-determination, our determination to reclaim them remains unwavering.

In the midst of the ongoing Nationwide Revolution against the oppressive military junta SAC, our people have once again taken up the mantle of resistance. Armed with nothing but locally made TUMIs creatively transformed into Drones, we stand against modern weaponry and tyranny, showcasing the power of our collective and democratic will.

Though the military junta may seek to crush our spirit, they cannot extinguish our hope. We will rise from the ashes of destruction, rebuilding our homeland with renewed determination and resolve.

As we continue our arduous journey towards freedom and self-determination, let us draw strength from our faith in the Almighty GOD and the resilience bestowed upon us by His grace. May God bless our endeavours, and may His light illuminate the path to a brighter future for our people and our beloved Chinland.


Dr. Sasa

Union Minister

Ministry of International Cooperation

National Unity Government of Myanmar

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